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Please use with care. Thanks for Ori for getting this all set up.



STR: # 4-8
INT: # 4-8
SPD: # 4-8
END: # 4-8
ARM: # 4-8
CRG: # 4-8
FPR: # 4-8
SKL: # 4-8







Before we even get into this whole mess, keep this in mind: Your character can be a totally average joe by construction, and end up doing awesome things because of their personality, and how they act in different situations. The cartoons were about the awesome-super uber-ranked badasses. This story, is more about 'the rest of them'. A character who's a reject, is likely to get a lot more attention, love, and glory than a powergaming badass. We chew up and spit out powergamers.

Name: This field is for your character's name. Vamptessa Spookyraven the 18th is not a good example of a name. G1 naming conventions, please; one or occasional two-word names. Please avoid cheesy names, or those in bad taste. "Megadeath' is another bad example. Be Original. NO CANNON CHARACTERS.

Quote: That's right, a quote. something that sums up your character. This can be yaked from something else, but we really prefer you keep it tasteful and original.

Alignment: This is a boolean value. Do you like to step on humans? Y/N. Decepticon or Autobot. A secret-agent-time-traveling-pacifistic-neutral who owns the secrets of the universe is likely to get you a kickban and a brick to the face. Alignments other than Bot or Con must have moderator approval. Please discuss before getting your hopes up.

Function: This is what your character does. Are they a communicatons officer? A scientist? A shock trooper? Again, no super-secret-agent-badassery. It IS possible to have fun playing a 'normal' character! We promise! This field can be as specific as you like - from 'Tinkerer' to 'Microprocessor Latency Inspector'.

Special: This is for all those of you who are addicted to gimmicks. What, aside from personality, truly distinguishes your character from the others around them? If it's anything uber-cool or powerful, expect to get BALEETED unless you have appropriate weaknesses or malfunctions to compensate. If some people seem to have cooler or more powerful special abilities than others, it's because we know them well enough as players not to abuse them, because there is an appropriate weakness to counterbalance, or because the idea was just way too cool to turn down. ONLY ONE argument for this field. You cannot have a bajillion and a half mods on a character and expect them to still have enough energy to run. Abuse of this is likely to have dire (in-game and out-of-game) consequences.


There is no rank stat, so no, don't ask. Rank is established with the owner based on your character's experiences, abilities, and luck.

Stats aren't used much; mostly in combat, and mostly to prevent powerplaying. You can assume, roughly, that when not being compared against another's stat, your percent chance of succeeding is your stat's fraction of ten. So a 7 would have a 70% chane of success. Obviously, things will come into play that alter this, so don't hold it as anything more than a rough guideline. Good quality gameplay is more important than being able to dodge every bullet: if you want to be a combat badass, go find a DBZ rpg.

You have 50 stat point to dole out. This is enough to have sixes and a couple sevens, which is completely average. If you wish to have strengths, you must then have weaknesses to counter them. No bitching, this rule is final. The easiest way to construct a character is to read through the details for stats, pick the nubers that seem most appropriate, and then adjust if you are too far under, or over, the stat limit.

A good guideline for constructing a character is stats between 4 and 8. This is most likely to be approved without adjustment. More than one 9 is extremely likely to need revision. Don't be afraid to build a character! Almost anything reasonable is a go, with the poper adjustment. If you do get approved to play a crazy vegan neutral demolitionist, expect to get shot full of holes and decomissioned by one faction or the other, though.

Things that are NOT allowed (included here, but also found in the faq.)

+ Beast Wars/ Beasties characters
+ Fantasy characters
+ Alien character
+ Any copyrighted characters
+ Anything that goes something like: COSMIC MAGICAL GIRL BATTERY OF ZODIAC RAINBOW SAKURA BLOSSOM TIGER FIST! [thank you retrolex. We love you.]
+ Anything that transforms into or owns a weapon of mass destruction
+ Any power-target-headmasters. Please try and stick with Gen1 and a few RID elements.
+ Combiners, as of right now, are also not permitted.
+ Anything completely ludicrous. Moderator's discression.

When building a character with a nine, please follow the number with an argument. For example:
FPR: 9: Railgun
SKL: 9: Programming
Where a simple arguent is ineffective, place an asteric * after the number,and detail it under Strengths and Weaknesses, or in it's own paragraph.

Stat Overview:

This stat is a guide to how much your character can lift, drag, or thow; and how much damage they're likely to do if they get pissed and kick the energon dispenser. Size will play a large part of this stat; it's likely to be up-played for small characters (being able to drag a larger character) and downplayed for huge characters. (We know you're a tank. Yes, you can crush that building, but please don't throw the bikebots.)

0: Spark in a jar. The equivalentof a fetus, unable to do more than feebly struggle, trapped inside their own frame.
1-3: Unreasonably low. The character is unable to lift their own limbs in a situation where gravity is present, at worst; or unable to move quickly enough to dodge a snail, at best.
4-5: Below Average. The character cannot lift another more than half their size, or drag one more than equal their size. They cannot fight very well in hand-to-hand combat, or move furnature around their quarters. They need help opening every pickle jar.
6-7: Average. The character can perform normal activities without difficulty. They can lift a character their size, carry one half their size, or drag one of twice their size. In hand-to-hand combat they would have difficulty piercing above average armor, without a weapon specificaly designed for it. Overlarge or especially heavy weapons would be an encumberance to them in combat.
8-9: Above average. The character could throw another half their size a noticeable distance, or carry and run with a character of comparable size. They can drag a character up to four times their size. They would excel in hand-to-hand combat, and crumple average armor with their fists. Heavy or oversized weapons are not an encumberance to them.
10: Uber. The character can throw a character of comparable size a noticeable distance, and, with great effort, probably lift a small shuttle and carry it a short distance. Epic sized weapons are like cardboard toys to them, and it would be a simple task to grip and crush above-average armor with their bare hands.

This is a mostly representational stat, and should only be called upon if your character is acting grossly or consistently outside their bounds. Smart characters have dumb days, and even imbecils have occasional flashes of brilliance (although they don't always know it), but if you're consistantly outside your scope, you will be told to adjust your stats. This does not apply to characters acting below their intellectual threshold for roleplay reasons.

0: Non-sentient. This applies to sparkless frames with no personality matrix.
1-3: Stupid. The character may know their own name, may differentiate between friend and foe most of the time, and may grasp basic, instinctual concepts or simple commands.
4-5: Absent. The character is able to grasp most basic ideas, and a few, likely specific, complicated ones. An idiot-savant would fall under this category. They will have difficulty acting outside of a situation they do not understand, and will likely not be able to bridge ideas between different subjects.
6-7: Average. The character is average in all subjects, and perhaps above average in a specialty, in their occupation or hobby. They may grasp most ideas easily, but have difficulty grasping complex ideas without comparable knowledge to anchor it to, or a reasonable amount of study.
8-9: Intelligent. The character catches onto things quickly, has excellent retention, and bridges gaps in knowledge that don't make sense to others not on their intellectual level. They grasp allmost all ideas easily and at a high level, and may qualify as a genius in one specific subject, often their occupation or hobby.
10: Genius. The character often has difficulty understanding others' inability to grasp ideas that are complex. Things come to them with such speed and accuracy that it may appear intuitive to others, and are able to problem-solve in subjects they have no experience, by pulling from other subjects and experiences.

This applies mostly to bot mode. Unelss otherwise specified, alt-mode limitations will be based on the earth stats for the vehicle. The character doesn't necessarily move this speed all the time, it just expresses the theoretical maximum.

0: Stationary. This applies only to characters incapable of moving themselves; such as a tapedeck unable to transform into their bot-mode, or a fortress, or a downed ship.
1-3: Sluggish. Unable to move about at more than a walking pace. Dodging is out of the question. Only practically applicable to especially cumbersome or heavily armored characters.
4-5: Slow. Able to run, but not at any sort of remarkable speed. Dodging is attemptable, but almost certain to fail against a character of comparapable or greater speed.
6-7: Average. The character can run or walk at average speeds, and dodge about 50% of the time against a character of comparable speed. If attentive, they may dodge thrown weapons, but not projectiles.
8-9: Fast. The character is adept at running and dodging. If attentive, may dodge projectiles, from a distance. Will excell in avoiding damage in hand-to-hand combat. Mostly applicable to lightly armored characters, and small characters.
10: wtf? Blurr-like. Only applicable to those with specials or modifications that make speed-beyond thought practical, as well as possible. If attentive, they can dodge both projectiles and laser-fire from a short distance, and are likely to leave close-range combat unscathed.

This is your character's ability to take daily wear and tear, and their ability to withstand great amounts of physical damage, and continue functioning. This can also represent an extreme will to live, concerning a character who is able to recover from extreme amounts of damage.

1-3: Ouch. The character needs daily maintenance just to continue functioning, even inside of a closed environment. Venturing forth from the base or ship would mean certain doom.
4-5: Best kept indoors. Most scientists and researchers have about this. A character of this rating, left unchecked for over a week would begin to suffer performance damage from degredation.
6-7: Average. This character needs regular maintenance on a monthly basis. Wear-and-tear is nonremarkable outside of combat.
8-9: Remarkable. This character can function for years without so much as basic maintenance, and is able to suffer abnormal amounts of damage in combat and continue functioning. They are likely very well-built, or very stupid, and unaware of the damage being inflicted upon them. One suffering from extreme neural damage may function at this level for a short time before collapsing.
10: Monolithic. This character can take the blow of an uber-death-sattelite and live to curse about it. They do not require maintenance, and it takes an amazing amount of damage for them to even take note.

This is a judge of the force your character is capable of withstanding before suffering damage. Mostly applicable to combat. Some types of armor and frame constructions are better at deflecting physical blows, and some at defecting laser fire. Again, this represents the theoretical maximum in a protected area.

0: None. The character is a labratory frame, with exposed internals.
1-3: Tinfoil. This character isn't armored, so much as simply plated to keep dirt and dust out of their interior. A blow of any force is likely to cause serious damage, and a well-placed shot with a standard weapon is like to be debilitating.
4-5: Aluminum Siding. This is often found on couriers and reconnaisance units, not intended to take more than light physical damage in combat situations. Using this character as a punching bag is likely to earn you a pile of shattered armor plating.
6-7: Average. This character can take an average amount of physical damage from an average fighter, or an average amount of damage from a ranged weapon. Their armor would be dented by average strength or firepower ratings at the first solid blow, and damaged by second or third blow.
8-9: Shock Trooper. This character is able to suffer a large amount of physical force before showing damage for it. Below average strength and weaponry is mostly ineffective.
10: Indestructable. This character can crawl out of a smelting pit, or catch a meteor after entry in their bare hands. If a building were to fall on them, it would likely fall around them, and they would be left a bit scratched for it. It takes a weapon of above average firepower to even inflict noticeable marks upon them, unless struck at unprotected joints or seams in their plating.

This is a measure of how easily intimidated your character is, inside and outside of combat. Please, just like intelligence, play this within the scope of your character's personality, or you will be asked to reassign your stat points appropriately.

0: Debilitated by the very dangers of existance. Impractical, and highly improbable.
1-3: Unreasonably Spooked. Loud noises are likely to send this character skittering into hiding, even within the confines of a protected area, such as a base or ship not under assault. Will likely studder or splutter when adressing those of greater height or ranking than themselves.
4-5: Cowardly. In the face of a situation in which the odds are weighted against them, it would take a personal stake in the matter, not just an order, to keep them from fleeing. Threat of bodily harm may be enough to coax them into such a situation, if the person issuing the command is percieved to be the greater threat. Personality traits may dictate the manner in which they flee, but they are still likely to flee.
6-7: Average. Unless the odds are stacked highly unfavorably, this character is likely to stay on scene, if ordered to do so. They are likely to hesitate in combat, and will probably have difficulty initiating a confrontation with someone of greater ranking or physical prowess than them. Again, personality traits are likely to dictate the manner of their behavior.
8-9: Controlled. This character may be incapable, due to personality or egotistical traits, of showing fear, even in the face of insurmountable or otherwise terrifying odds. They will have little difficulty or reservation in mouthing off to a superior officer, or in rushing headlong into combat against those with much higher firepower or stature than them.
10: Fearless. This character known not the meaning of fear, to the point of it being a fault. They likely understand fear so little, as to not have much of a sense of self-preservation. Their recklessness knows no bounds. They will likely not live long.

This is a judge of the theoretical maximum physical damage of a character's strongest weapon. A custom weapon or body weaponry is one stat rating higher than a non-custom weapon. Creativity is welcome, but please, follow the laws of physics and sci-fi logic. No super-death ribbons, or ridiculously conplicated customs like a bill bec-de-bardiche glaive-guisarme that requires three arms, a tentacle, and psychokinetic powers to proerly use. If in doubt, explain your weaponry to a mod, and we'll assign you a stat level. Be prepared to have this number changed. A railgun in the hands of a cool-headed Autobot is different than a railgun in the hands of a Decepticon with a nasty temper and a bad case of bloodlust.

0: No damage. This is only applicable t characters who refuse to carry or use weaponry; or to characters incapable of doing damage by punching, kicking,or throwing.
1-3: Defensive. Weapons that do ony token physical damage, and weapons meant to have effects other than physical damage fall into this category. Riot glue guns are a good example. A kung-fu master would also fall into this category.
4-5: Light skirmish. These weapons are designed primarily for self-defense, or to do enough damage to cause a distraction. Incapable of debilitating levels of physical damage.
6-7: Combatant. These weapons are designed to hurt. For fighters who go out and fight, but have nothing remarkable, this would be appropriate. A custom weapon of no more damage would still fall ito this category.
8-9: Weapons Specialist. A character in this category would probably have a collection of weapons, possibly including one capable of inflicting large areas of damage, or potentially fatal damage. Anything capable of fatal damage requires mod approval, and is like to be taken out of game if misused repeatedly. Or enough to piss us off.
10: Megatron. We're talking fusion cannons and satelites of doom, here. Not happening.

This is a touchy stat, as it applies to many things. A combination of skill and speed may represent agility, and a combination of firepower and skill may represent battle prowess. A combination of intelligence and skill is likely to weild the effectiveness of your character in performing a non-combat activity. It represents your character's overall ability to perform tasks.

0: Completely useless. Can't even care for themselves.
1-3: Ineffective. This character has difficulty in performing daily tasks. They may not be able to coordinate well enough to push a broom, or climb up and down stairs. They may shoot themselves in the face, if handed an unfamiliar weapon.
4-5: Below average. Watching this character on a daily basis is likely to be either pathetic or entertaining, depending on the individual. They may have a repitoir of basic tasks they perform, but are likely to be clumsy, or have extremely bad luck.
6-7: Unremarkable. This character will perform most tasks without flair or folly. They will have difficulty performing an unfamiliar task, or working with unfamiliar objects, such as weaponry, computers, or oddly packaged energon. They will have a specialty in one subject, either their function or a hobby.
8-9: Remarkable. This character is likely to show an uncanny precidence to figure out things they have no way of knowing how to do, based on other specialties or experiences. They are likely an expert in up to two subjects, often their function and a hobby; or one broad subject. Depending on how specialized their expertise, they may be reguarded as the definitive master of the subject. Methods of performing their specialty task are likely things others have not thought of or invented, an they may have specific or exclusive knowledge of a subject.
10: Primus. This character can flawlessly perform any task, and Egypt is likely to be two feet deep in ice before they trip and stumble down the stairs. Something they have absolutely no experience with or knowledge of is still likely to be a simple task. Don't ask for this one either, kids.

0: non-existant. Not applicable to most stats.
1-3: your character is weak, beyond reasonable standards.
4-5: your character is below average, but not painfully lacking in.
6-7: your character is in the realm of average.
8-9: your character is noticeably above average. this must be explained, and couter-balanced by a lower stat. this stat is often something that ties into their special ability, or their specific profession.
10: uber. by mod approval only, and comes with severe drawbacks. Not likely to happen.


This area gives us a basic idea of your character. Their personality, a few quirks, and maybe their hobbies or a better description of their funtion goes here. Be concise.


This area expounds upon their special ability, or anything notable about their design or functioning that should be known, or would be noticed by one with average observational abilities.


A bit of backstory goes here. This can switch places with paragraph two, in the taste of good flow while reading. How your character ended up in tint, and relations to other characters would be good here. Nothing the average person wouldn't be able to find out. Super-deep-secret-mystery-angst does NOT go here.

Strengths: Tell us what your character is good at, specifically. Detail their special ability. This is where mention of an excellent poker face would go, or a note about their detailed knowledge of the pickle-making-industry.

Weaknesses: Tell us what they suck at. What downsides they have, specifics about the functioning of their frame and armor, as well as personality flaws that might contribute to their downfall. Do not leve this section blank, or you will be rejected without further comment.

*deep breath, sigh.* There you go! Now go submit that beautiful piece of work to a moderator via e-mail, and prepare to have it eviscerated. I'm jut kidding. 0:) Or maybe I'm not.
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Logs = Up

After a lot of searching, reading, spellchecking, codeing and pulling of hair the logs are updated and up. Unfinished games are not up yet, so don't look for them.

Sadly I haven't been able to force myself to code any sort of webpage yet or found someone willing to do it for me. So for now you will all have to deal with the messyness of the index. If there are any problems with the coding, (example: there is a paragraph space halfway though a post) please let me know in what log so I can go and fix it up. (Another example: If the posts don't seem to fit together... like there is a huge gap in it. Chances are that someone has made a >o< face or some such and it has buggered with the code.)

Most characters alt modes have be uploaded (with the exception of Rapid who is missing his), along with any artwork I could find. Not all of it is finished. Some of it isn't there at all (mostly my stuff because I think I can do better now). If one of your artworks is missing let me know/ send it to me and I'll toss it up.
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Stray logs

Anyone having any logs that are unfinished or just some files that haven't been submitted yet please let people know.

Logs that I have unfinished
- Netrunner's intro with Sparkstar
- The discovery of Seamist with Coralblue and Rapid
- Atron's flying lesson with Vector (backposted to sometime when she isn't smegged.)
- That hugeass battle with all the bots and cons. (Priority)

Anyone who has enough patience to deal with Angeltowns, please let me know. I'm having trouble doing anything with it, especially logging into it or getting any FTP to connect to it. I can access my Cpanel X although it does absolutly no good.
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In trying to decide Tintagel's website fate I've managed to make a collection of fonts I thought would be interesting as ... not the main text that is all over the site, but ... whats it called. Headders and so on. So, please vote on the text you think would suit it best by replying to this.

Additionally, it needs colour. So vote on that too.

IF by some strange chance you don't like any of the above and thing you have something better, post that too, and maybe an image. Because images are hawt.
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(no subject)

Just in time for the holidays. ToT My wallet is sad.

New to grace the wonders of the internet is this journal. Or soon to be update log for Tintagel Transformers RPG.

Current news:
Logs need to be sorted, updated, coded and placed into position. After that... I can be uploaded to its new home.
New home! The enter webpage will be moved over to for hosting goodness. Meaning that the poor old Geocities site can be put to rest at long last. It needs a break. Its been on the limit of colapse for a good long while. So...

Hopefully the whole operation will be up and running shortly after the new year.

Send me a message either over Yahoo IM, MSN IM, or on MIRC on #Tintagel Or leave a message here and I'll try to get in touch. :3 Alright! I think thats it for now.